Laddies Lucky Loft

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Saturday 29 November 2008 10:40 pm

In my short time on this planet I have been called a loser many times; some of my teachers called me a loser and I laugh at them now still doing the same job twenty years later, lots of ladies have called me a loser and I laugh to cover the fact they were right! For the next month though I want to be a loser because been a loser at Ladbrokes Bingo during December gets me access to Laddies Lucky Loft.


Mail Bingo’s Christmas Crackers

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Friday 28 November 2008 3:06 pm

My life revolves around the internet, my work, my play and even my love life is all based around a laptop, I am a nerd through and through. I use the internet for everything, shopping, TV, music and even catching up on the news which means I never need to venture out of my flat and never need to purchase a newspaper. Tomorrow though I am going to have to make an exception, I am going to have to pop on my shoes and venture out in the ‘real’ world, it’s a cold and scary place but if I want to take part in Mail Bingo’s Christmas Crackers promotion I really have no choice.


Let Foxy Take Care of Christmas

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Thursday 27 November 2008 2:35 am

I do not want to scare you but do you realise that Monday is the 1st December which essentially means there is a little over three weeks to prepare for the seasons festivities, three weeks to buy all your presents, three weeks to write all your cards, three weeks to get all the food and booze in; I am going into a cold sweat here just thinking about it! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to site back and let someone else do everything for you, someone like a wife but without the commitment! I do have one last hope of a stress free December though and that all depends my favourite pastime of online bingo and if I am really lucky I will be able to Let Foxy Take Care of Christmas.


Win a car for Xmas

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Wednesday 26 November 2008 7:13 pm

I am a 34 year old guy but I still insist that someone buys me an Advent Calendar at Christmas, I don’t care if it’s a really naff one with little pictures behind the doors or one of those super posh ones that are full of weird tasting chocolates where I end up opening all of the doors in one day and stuffing my face till I feel ill. This year though there is one advent calendar I cannot wait to get stuck into and that is the one running at 888Ladies Bingo where I could win a car for Xmas.


Win a Mini Cooper

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Tuesday 25 November 2008 5:13 pm

For a few weeks now you may have noticed a new red tab in the Wink Bingo lobby and wondered what they had planned. Well today I bring you news of a superb promotion that could see you welcoming the new year in style in a brand new car. The red Wink Mini tab is now active and leads you to an exciting one off game that is planned for the start of 2009 and you could Win a Mini Cooper, one of the most stylish small cars on the roads today.


Bingo Points

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Monday 24 November 2008 4:53 am

New Sun Bingo always seems to be bringing us a new promotion every time I check back on their shiny new site. From today they have bought back their superb Bingo Points promotion where you could win up to a superb £250 simply by purchasing cards. Bingo Points are running from today until Sunday the 30th November and the more strips of cards you purchase the better the chances of you winning one of the great cash prizes.


Dream Bingo Starlight Giveaway

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Sunday 23 November 2008 8:30 pm

Dream Bingo is one of my favourite bingo sites offering a great range of bingo, casino and mini games as well as some of the best promotions you will find anywhere.  Their Super promo has been running for a while now and they have given away some great prizes including games, consoles, spa breaks, Venice City break, Multimedia bumper pack, Euro Disney holiday and a Habitat gift card worth £2,000. Basically the way the Dream Bingo Starlight Giveaway works is every time 500 new players’ sign up to the site they hold a prize draw. For every £10 you deposit you will earn one entry in the next prize draw.


Rollercoaster at Tombola Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Saturday 22 November 2008 2:49 pm

I must admit I am not much of a fairground fan as I am not very fond of heights or speed or getting wet; in fact the only reason I ever venture near one is when I need a candy floss fix. I am such a wimp when it comes to that kinda thing I even get a nose bleed when trying to win a goldfish on the hook a duck. There is however one new fairground ride I can see myself uses on a regular basis and that is the all new rollercoaster at Tombola Bingo.


Thank Foxy It’s Friday!

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Friday 21 November 2008 4:59 pm

I used to celebrate the start of the weekend with a large chilled Crunchie but sadly over the years my chocolate abuse has left me with a waist almost as large as my overdraft so it is about time I found a healthier alternative. I was going to consider munching on a pound of carrots once a week but to be honest I don’t have long ears and a fuzzy tail. Luckily one of my favourite online bingo sites has yet again come to my rescue; Thank Foxy It’s Friday!


Frisky Friday

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Thursday 20 November 2008 7:40 pm

We all know that playing online bingo is a risk. We risk losing the money we have worked hard for, we risk our mates finding out we play bingo because for months we have just been telling them we are ‘gambling’ and we risk the other half finding out that for months we have been flirting with that sexy chat host who slips us a few bingo bucks ………….. erm or is all this just me? Anyway as I was saying everything about this is a risk, we take the risk and live with the results but now Wink Bingo are bringing us risk free bingo in the form of Frisky Friday.


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