Easter at Game Village Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Tuesday 31 March 2009 4:01 pm

This April is all set to be another fun packed month at one of the friendliest villages in the country. There is so much happening this Easter at Game Village Bingo you really should plan a trip there before trying any other site out there. All month you need to keep an eye open for their Special Easter Bunny offers that will pop up randomly and don’t forget Game Village Bingo have now lowered their minimum withdrawl to just £25.


Prize night at Foxy Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Sunday 29 March 2009 7:25 pm

Tomorrow night as usual is prize night at Foxy Bingo, a night where for two hours from 8pm in their ‘All Our Friends’ game room all of their games comes with superb prizes instead of cash jackpots. Now as a rule a promotion that offers kitchen appliances would be of no interest to me at all but these are no ordinary kitchen appliances these are some of the coolest most desirable kitchen gadgets on the market today; you may never use them but they will certainly impress any ladies you may bring home. To ensure you do not miss out make sure you take part in these superb games:


Win big at New Sun Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Friday 27 March 2009 6:51 pm

At the moment I am trying to get back into my healthy ways so all of the junk food and beer has had to vanish for a while. Sadly this means no more nights out for me so I really need something else to fill my time. Luckily I have found a bingo site with a great promotion running tonight so I am going to plant myself in front of the laptop with a nice cold glass of water to try and win big at New Sun Bingo.


Tombola Bingo winners

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo News | Wednesday 25 March 2009 7:47 pm

Tombola Bingo has for a long time been one of my favourite online bingo sites and I always make sure I stay up till Midnight to try my luck on their great free game Freefall. I know a lot of you share my love of the site and regularly play there. This month has been an extremely lucky month for their players too and we have see lots of new Tombola Bingo winners.


Win a cruise from Foxy Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Monday 23 March 2009 6:40 pm

I was planning on popping down the pub tonight for a few pints to try my luck at the pub quiz. I then remembered tonight is Super Prize Night at Foxy Bingo so have decided to stay in warm with a few cans and my laptop; does this mean I am getting old? To be honest I don’t mind if it does mean I am getting on a bit especially if I win a cruise from Foxy Bingo, I will probably feel right at home sailing the seas with a bunch of silver haired bingo addicts.


Mobile bingo at Bingo Hero

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Saturday 21 March 2009 4:43 pm

There is nothing worse then sitting on a bus when a complete stranger decides to talk to you. You start off nodding politely and smiling, you then try and look out the window hoping they will get the hint but when all of that fails what can you do? Get off the bus? Tell them to shut up? Neither of them is really ideal. Well now there is an alternative because you can escape to your mobile phone and enjoy mobile bingo at Bingo Hero.


Win a holiday at Mail Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Thursday 19 March 2009 5:18 pm

I don’t know about you but I could really do with a holiday this year as it had been a long time since I have felt the sand between my toes. I fancy jetting off to somewhere exotic and surrounding myself with blue skies and gorgeous women for a week or two. The trouble is every time I speak to my bank manager about an overdraft he falls on the floor in fits of laughter. My only other way of getting away is to invest a few quid on my favourite hobby and hopefully I will be able to win a holiday at Mail Bingo.


Bingo Day chat games

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Chat Games | Tuesday 17 March 2009 12:59 pm

Bingo Day is not a site we have featured here on Bingo For Men before so let me tell you a little about them. Bingo Day use the Playtech software and offer both 90 ball and 75 ball bingo as well as loads of side games. The site itself is blue, white and gold so is really man friendly with not a hint of pink in sight. All new players earn a whopping 200% bingo deposit bonus up to a maximum of £200 so there is plenty of free cash flying round for you to enjoy their many promotions and Bingo Day chat games.


Bingohead Race at Bet365 Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Saturday 14 March 2009 7:25 pm

The Bingohead Race at Bet365 Bingo is a superb promotion that starts this Monday and runs for the next weeks. To take part in this great race all you need to do is play bingo in the Jetsetter, Island Hopper, Orient Express and Safari 90 ball bingo rooms. Each time you call you will be awarded points and the more you collect over the two weeks the further you will progress up the leader board.


Moon Bingos St Patricks Day promotions

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Thursday 12 March 2009 1:22 pm

I must admit Moon Bingo has never been one of my favourite sites to look at because I hate to say it but the home page does look a bit dated. I have however always been a fan of their excellent mix of games and promotions because they tend to be one of the few sites that provide promotional prizes that us blokes would like. If you have not yet tried the site then this weekend really is the ideal time to register because for 48 hours only you will receive extra benefits as part of Moon Bingo’s St Patrick’s Day promotions.


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