Free bingo at Bet365 Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Monday 30 November 2009 8:54 pm

Bet365 Bingo is on a bit of a roll right now, every time you log into their site there is another new great promotion just sitting there waiting to be enjoyed. Right now not only are they celebrating their excellent new television advert with a £1 million bonanza but now thanks to a large dose of first class fever you can also enjoy free bingo at Bet365 Bingo.


Super Millionaire at Moon Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Sunday 29 November 2009 7:42 pm

Tomorrow night Moon Bingo is making history by potentially giving away more money in one game then any other bingo site has ever done before. I am not just talking about a few thousand either I am talking more zeros then you have ever seen, I am talking the kind of money that would put you up on the same level as pop stars, footballers and businessmen. If you had any plans for tomorrow night forget them, set the TV to record Flash Forward and grasp the chance at becoming a Super Millionaire at Moon Bingo.


Free Bingo at Foxy Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Saturday 28 November 2009 6:29 pm

This time of year with the nights getting colder and darker and Christmas fast approaching the last thing you want to do is leave the comfort of your sofa and slippers to venture down the pub. You are much better off ordering in a few cases of lager and some multi packs of scratching and spending the winter months hibernating at home enjoying a good game of bingo. The purple suited Fox agreed with this philosophy too and wants to make your time even more special but offering you Free for All Free Bingo at Foxy Bingo.


X&O at Prime Scratch Cards

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions,Online Bingo Side Games | Thursday 26 November 2009 2:31 pm

X&O at Prime Scratch Cards is the 50th great game to be added to their repertoire. Based around the traditional noughts and crosses games game you can wager between 10p and £1 to win up to a whopping £100,000. The game looks great and is nice and easy to play; simply choose how much you want to wager then scratch off your nine squares, reveal three X’s or O’s in a row to win a crash prize and by scratching off the multiplier square you could boost your winnings even further!


Game Village Advent Ripoff

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions,The Bulldog Blog | Wednesday 25 November 2009 6:54 pm

Usually at this time of the year online bingo sites use their festive promotions to reward their players for the loyalty they have shown during the year. We have already bought you excellent news from Sun Bingo and Wink Bingo so when we heard Game Village Bingo had released details of their Christmas offer we were excited to pass the news onto you. Sadly we were shocked when we read what they are offering and we suggest they rename it the Game Village Advent Ripoff.


Promotions at Play2Win Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Tuesday 24 November 2009 2:10 pm

Play2Win Bingo is one of the newer bingo sites using the Cozy Games software to provide you with hours of 80 ball and 90 ball bingo fun as well as tons of instant games for you to get your teeth stuck into. When you register they will give you £5 for free and another £5 if you include your credit card details. The freebies do not end there though because there are some awesome promotions at Play2Win Bingo for you to take advantage of.


Sun Bingo Wish List

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Monday 23 November 2009 5:49 pm

As you are no doubt aware Christmas Day is just thirty two short days away. That means you have just two pay packets left before you have to spend a small fortune on food and a large fortune on presents that will either end up broke or exchanged by New Year. If you are really lucky this week though you could win the Sun Bingo wish list promotion which will see the online bingo site purchasing the majority (if not all) of your presents for you.


Win a hamper at Prime Scratch Cards

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions,Online Bingo Side Games | Saturday 21 November 2009 7:08 pm

Come on guys admit it, at this time of the year the majority of us have it pretty easy as it is usually our good wives that spend all the hours trawling the shops buying all the presents, wrapping them, organising all of the food, doing all of the cooking and probably even washing up while we fall asleep listening to the Queens speach. This year though you could take some of the burden off her shoulders and even earn yourself a brownie points and all you would need to do is win a hamper at Prime Scratch Cards.


Christmas at Wink Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Friday 20 November 2009 5:35 pm

Christmas at Wink Bingo is always something to look forward to as they are one of the sites that pull out all of the stops to ensure all of their lucky players have a great festive season. The Christmas cheer at Wink Bingo starts on Christmas day with a magnificent free bingo game which is open to all depositing players. This free games takes place in the special Bingo Baubles games room at 9pm and there is a £1,000 worth of guaranteed jackpots up for grabs; one line is worth £200, two lines £300 and a full house will see you walking away with £500.


Tombola Bingo has hit the bumpers

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Thursday 19 November 2009 1:40 pm

Anyone that reads this page knows that I am a huge fan of Tombola Bingo, I love their innovative games, the cartoon graphics and the large jackpots; they are quite simply my favourite online bingo site. Because of this I have been waiting with excitement for the launch of their sponsorship of Emmerdale but sadly Tombola Bingo has hit the bumpers and in my opinion they have missed a great opportunity to prove to the nation just how good they are.


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