Win a Playstation 3 at Virgin Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions,Online Bingo Side Games | Friday 26 February 2010 12:28 pm

We know a lot of you reading this spend as much time playing games as you on your favourite bingo sites These days games makers know that viral marketing is just as important as the latest television adverts so we are now starting to see tie ins between games and other entertainment areas including would you believe online bingo To celebrate the release Modern Warfare, the newest instalment in the Call of Duty series you can now win a Playstation 3 at Virgin Bingo by trying out some of their latest slots games including one based on the game itself


Win a dream holiday at Littlewoods Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Tuesday 23 February 2010 7:16 pm

As of course you aware 2010 is a World Cup year and Capello and our brave squad will be heading to South Africa in 107 days in the hope of taking on the best in the world to bring the cup back to its rightful home. The majority of us will have to enjoy this year’s tournament as usual sitting down the local with a cold pint in the hand trying to catch the action on the big screen along with everyone else. You do however have one glimmer of hope to watch the action close up thanks to one of the many St Minver bingo sites because over the next few weeks you have the chance to win a dream holiday at Littlewoods Bingo.


Console night at Foxy Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Sunday 21 February 2010 3:48 pm

As you are well aware by now one of my favourite pastimes is playing bingo, not a night goes by when I am not sat in front of my laptop scouring for the latest deals and promotions to ensure you are all kept up to date with what is going on in the world of bingo sites. On the rare occasions I am not trying to win a small fortune though you will find me lounging on the sofa with a nice cold can of beer killing aliens or racing against Schumacher on my Playstation 3 …………. yes that’s right I am a gaming addict. Tomorrow night is definitely a bingo night though because there are some superb prizes up for grabs during console night at Foxy Bingo.


Win a wine and dine package at Bingo Magix

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Friday 19 February 2010 3:35 pm

If you want to make up for the terrible presents you bought you other half on Valentines Day then head over to Bingo Magix today because they have a promotion running that could save you a few quid and maybe even your relationship! Every Friday you can win a wine and dine package at Bingo Magix worth £150. All you need to do is head into the 75 ball bingo room where all cards are not only just 5p each but also buy two get one free. The two lucky players that collect the most heart patterns each win a £150 Marriott Gift Cheque. Don’t worry if you usually spend your Fridays down the local either because you can pre purchase cards for all of these games and have them automatically played for you.


Everyones a Winner at Tombola Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Thursday 18 February 2010 10:39 am

Tombola Bingo never ceases to amaze me with the quality of their promotions. It was only Monday that they launched Treasure Map their superb new free game with £20,000 up for grabs each week. Today they have released details of yet another awesome free promotion with some truly superb prizes up for grabs to new and old players alike so make sure you join in the bingo sites fun because Everyone’s a Winner at Tombola Bingo.


Clover Rollover at Paddy Power Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Side Games | Wednesday 17 February 2010 6:40 pm

As you probably know by now I am a great fan of slots and instant games as they make a great change from playing the more traditional bingo. There are plenty of bingo sites out there offering great games that guarantee you hours of fun whilst giving you the opportunity to win some decent jackpots. There is one slots game out there though that right now could change your life forever by making you a millionaire and that game is Clover Rollover at Paddy Power Bingo.


Win JLS Tickets at Sun Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Tuesday 16 February 2010 7:25 pm

Did you fail to wow your other half on Valentines Day? Did the half dead roses, the fake gold and imitation perfume fail to impress her? If you managed to do everything wrong yet again this year do no fear because one only bingo site could help repair your marriage before the week is out. For the next few days you have the chance to win JLS Tickets at Sun Bingo, the perfect gift to make it up your loved one and lets be honest she probably needs some eye candy after seeing you fall asleep on the sofa every night for the past few years!


Free bingo at Moon Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Monday 15 February 2010 5:49 pm

Moon Bingo is one of the excellent bingo sites using the Dragonfish software to guarantee hours of bingo fun backed by some truly superb promotions. Not only do Moon Bingo offer a great range of bingo and side games but they are one of the few blue sites on the market so you have no reason to close the laptop down every time one of your mates from the pub wander into the room. This great looking site gives the chance to win life changing amounts of money each and every month and if you are on the market for some money saving fun just check out the free bingo at Moon Bingo.


Treasure Map at Tombola Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Friday 12 February 2010 12:46 pm

Tombola Bingo is quite simply the best bingo site on the market if you are looking for highly original and amusing games, no matter which one of their excellent games you choose to play you are guaranteed it will have the blend of cute graphics, innovative game play and impressive jackpots just right. All registered players can take advantage of the bingo sites daily free game giving them the chance to win big without having to spend a penny and this Monday we say goodbye to Lucky dip and hello to Treasure Map at Tombola Bingo.


Tons of prizes at ChitChat Bingo

Posted by BingoBulldog | Online Bingo Promotions | Wednesday 10 February 2010 11:37 am

ChitChat Bingo is one of the many excellent bingo sites on the St Minver gaming network. Recently the whole networked swapped over from the Parlay Entertainment software and are now using the much improved GTECH G2 system. These changed have improved the site in many ways and all of their lucky players now have access to more games, bigger jackpots and vastly improved promotions. Tomorrow night they are hosting the type of game you only usually see at Christmas and you have the chance win tons of prizes at ChitChat Bingo.


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