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Posted by Admin | | Monday 30 June 2008 3:59 pm

Bingo for Men was created quite simply because most online bingo review sites don’t talk bingo from a male perspective. Many don’t even cater for the male demographic that do play bingo no matter how small our numbers are even though quite a few men have now ventured into the predominantly female field that is online bingo.

Our aim is to review as many online bingo sites and their promotions from a man’s perspective as well as bringing you our favourite sites and the sites that men need not fear to enter.

Bingo Bulldog

Hi I am the Bingo Bulldog a thirty something year old male bingo player from Sunny Wolverhampton. I am your typical bloke I like fast cars, fast women and all things technical.

About two years ago I was approached by a very good friend of mine to build her a bingo review site as I also dabble in web design. As you would expect I was sceptical about online bingo but after much encouragement and arm twisting I ventured into Bingo Cafe and all it took was one win and thirty minutes to become hooked.

Through my friend Nicola Shute who is one of the most knowledgeable bingo writers in the industry I started to learn how everything works, she took me under her wing and taught me everything there is to know about the online bingo industry and eventually I followed her into bingo writing.

Seeing the industry from both sides I began to realise just how badly male bingo players are treated. The majority of bingo sites give absolutely no consideration to men but they are more then willing to take our money. I have two main pet peeves and Bingo for Men was set up to try and address these.

My first pet peeve is concerned with site design and the fact that the majority of bingo sites stick to a safe palette of pink, purple and lilac; do designers really have so little imagination? Would it be so hard to add a choice of colour schemes? Or even use a neutral scheme that would appeal to both male and female players.

Promotional prizes are another bug bear of mine, how many times do we see bingo sites offering spa breaks, makeup, shopping sprees, makeovers and pink gadgets. None of these interest me in the slightest so why would I waste my money trying to win them? Is it really that hard to offer a man friendly alternative?

I am making it my personal mission to seek out the best bingo sites and promotions for us men whilst at the same time naming and shaming those that dare to ignore us. If you spot something you want me to investigate just drop me a line because when I get my teeth stuck into something I am like the proverbial dog with a bone!

Benny Bingo

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Jackpot Jodie

Biog Coming Soon

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