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Bingos is a great looking site with a long history offering their lucky roomies a great range of games and superb promotions. This month we interviewed them to find out just what it takes to run one of the best bingo sites on the market.

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What is the history of Bingos?

Bingos has been around since 2004, and has grown from strength to strength, thanks to its thriving community and range of fantastic fun games. Our CMs are renowned as some of the friendliest in the industry.

What made you choose the Parlay Entertainment software?

Parlay games are based around the player, and have been put together with the player in mind, which is obviously the best thing for our site. We’re always looking at ways to update our games offerings, and to provide our members with better services. There are some fantastic changes coming our way in the near future, so watch this space.

What games are available at Bingos?

You mean, aside from our huge 90 Ball and Bingo 75 games with their bustling chat rooms? :)

We have loads of entertaining side games, such as: Get Cracking Slots; Diamond Surprise; or Wild Cherry, which give you all the fun of instant games that you can play alongside our great value bingo.

Do you offer free bingo at Bingos?

Oh yes! You can try our free games between 6pm and 8pm every day! Join the fun at Bingos to get started today.

How important do you feel a community section is to the success of an online bingo site?

Bingo sites are made up entirely out of the people who play on them. If we site operators don’t give members the opportunity to share the fun with each other, then that site will not work for long! That’s why we’ve invested so much time in producing one of the best bingo communities you will find online. Check out our friendly community page at

What is the largest jackpot ever won at Bingos?

We’ve had a number of large wins at, but one of our favourite stories is that of lucky Rachet666, who won £109,003.87. “I couldn’t believe it,” she told us, “I logged off and went to bed in disbelief until I awoke the next day to a phone from Bingos congratulating me on my big win. Then the shock kicked in, I think i stayed shocked for about 4 to 5 days. Then about a week later the huge cheque came in the post, well that put me back into shock. I’d sit on my sofa and kept looking at it, still thinking about the reality of it all.” Well done, Rachet666! We hope the shock has warn off now so you can spend you £109,000 in comfort!

What promotions do you have running during January?

We have a reputation for running innovative promotions. January is no exception:

New Year’s Resolutions: January 1st – 10th
Every New Year, millions of people make resolutions for the coming year. Now it’s your opportunity to tell us, what your resolutions are for 2010. The best three resolutions will win a cash prize each and we will check throughout the year to see how your resolution is going. Send us your resolutions to subject heading New Years. You need to make a deposit during the promotion to be eligible for the competition. Entries made before January 1st will not be eligible.

Allie’s Bingos Surprise: January 1st – 31st
Our very own CM Allie will be having her own Bingo Surprise throughout the month. As it’s a surprise, we cannot tell you too much about it except to make sure you’re in the room whenever Allie is there because it could happen at any given moment.

Holiday Recovery: January 4th – 10th
So you have enjoyed Christmas, bought some great presents, then you’ve received your Credit Card Bill later. Well Bingos is giving two players the chance to have their credit card bill paid up to a maximum cash value of £250. Simply tell us, why you should win the competition and what you would spend the money on to subject heading Credit Card Comp. You need to make a deposit during the promotion to be eligible for the competition. Entries made before January 4th will not be eligible!

In your opinion what makes a good bingo site?

I think a good bingo site is one who thinks carefully about what makes a site entertaining, easy, and fun. Everything else beyond this is a bonus. :)

Where do you see Bingos developing in the future?

We’re going to make a lot of very exciting changes which will help us further in providing our members with what they value most in our brand. Some of these changes will be small, others very large. All I can say is keep logging in to see what’s new!

How do you see technology changing online bingo in the future?

It can be difficult to predict where technology is going next, but if you think about the amazing effect that technology has had on our website over the last few years, then you can begin to imagine what will happen to your entertainment experience with us. And, naturally, our friendly CMs will be there to help you get the most out of the technological revolution!

Click here to play at
Click here to play at

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