GeoSweep – November 2010

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GeoSweep is a an amazing new national game allowing you to purchase chunks of the virtual country in the hope of winning up to £1 million and with odds much better then the lottery and entry costing just 10p a day you would be crazy not take part.

Click here to play at GeoSweep
Click here to play at GeoSweep

Who came up with the GeoSweep concept?

Two brothers, Henry and James Oakes, came up with the idea about two years ago. Henry explains the logic: “Pretty much from the get-go it was clear that GeoSweep was a viable business opportunity. It was effectively a convergence of two massively popular and expanding market places; Location based apps such as Foursquare, and Online Social Gaming such as FarmVille. In addition, we brought in a principle that has been true since the dawn of time; people love owning things (virtually – think Monopoly and ‘Own a bit of the moon’ – or otherwise) almost as much as they love winning money.”

Where did the idea of The UnLottery tag come from?

  1. It’s a new brand and we need to tell our audience what category we are in, as efficiently as possible.
  2. Association with the Lottery gets a clear message to consumers that GeoSweep offers huge prize money.
  3. We also wanted to grab the attention of lottery players, whilst not actually being a lottery.

How do players take part in GeoSweep?

A Google map of the UK has been divided up into 57.9m squares, and players can take part by buying one of these squares, or ‘Geos’, for £3 a month (about 10p a day). Players can keep their Geos for as long as they like, have as many as they like, and can also personalise them with short messages such as one player who bought a Geo in Canary Wharf and wrote ‘Now I own more wharf than A Sugar!’

If players get stuck do you offer support?

Of course we do! We have online chat, email, FAQs and a delightful Glaswegian speaking helpline!

How much can players potentially win?

£1,000,000 is the top prize at the moment, although it’s due to increase. This is available every day at odds more than 2 times as good as winning the National Lottery jackpot. There’s also a smaller daily prize called the Daily Guarantee (currently £1,000) that has better odds, and is guaranteed to pay out every day.

What is a Prize Zone?

A square is extend outwards from the winning Geo until it includes at least 100 surrounding Geos (occupied or not). This area is called the Prize Zone, and the prize fund for anybody owning Geos within the Prize Zone varies, but is usually about 10-12% extra on top of first prize. So for example, in the GeoSweep draw where the first prize is £1m, the second prize fund is around £100,000. Each occupied Geo in the Prize Zone then wins an equal share of that fund. For example, if there are 10 occupied Geos, each will get £10,000.

Why should a player choose GeoSweep over Lotto?

There are a number of reasons for this:

  1. First of all it’s a lot more fun. Why buy a ticket with the DOBs of your children, when you can buy the hospital they were actually born in?!
  2. The odds are 233% as good as the National Lottery. Per £1 spent, the odds of winning GeoSweep are 1 in 5.8 million, whereas the odds of winning the National Lottery are 1 in 14 million.
  3. At 10p per play, GeoSweep has a much lower entry cost per draw than the National Lottery.
  4. You don’t want to miss out! If your house is in the winning Geo, you’d be pretty disappointed that you’d missed out on £1,000,000.

Will you be offering new variations on the game?

Absolutely! We have loads of cool ideas that we’re rolling out over the next few months. GeoGroups are 21st century syndicates – join a group with your pals and buy up your town! Then we’ve got treasure hunts, fixed odds betting, feudal systems, and all sorts of wonderful variations along the map based gaming theme. Watch this space.

How can you see technology changing the game in the future?

Location aware devices are where the future is. What would be cooler than an app that allows you to ‘buy the Geo you’re in now!’ Or instantly win £1,000 just for being in the right place at the right time. Then we’ve got GeoSweep 3D, GeoSweep Street, etc; and the mind begins to boggle…

Can you see GeoSweep expanding worldwide?

That’s the plan. Everywhere has a map. And everyone likes winning money. We have huge international plans.

Click here to play at GeoSweep
Click here to play at GeoSweep

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