Prime Scratch Cards – November 2009

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Prime Scratch Cards may not be a bingo site as such but they are the world leader when it comes to instant games and slots. They offer a superb range of games with massive jackpots including the chance to win a life changing £1 million. This month we talk to Kim Guest the Account Manager for Prime Gaming to find out more about this exciting site.

Click here to play at Prime Scratch Cards
Click here to play at Prime Scratch Cards

What is the history of Prime Scratch Cards?

Prime Scratchcards is part of the Prime Gaming group, which started operating in 2003. After successfully promoting casino, poker and backgammon Prime Scratchcards was launched in 2005. Prime Scratchcards is an instant game, which doesn’t need to be downloaded. All of the games are very easy to play, great for when people want to relax, yet offer great prizes.

What does Prime Scratch Cards offer above normal bingo sites?

One of the reasons we launched Prime Scratchcards was that we saw people loved playing on the side games available on many sites, so we decided to focus solely on these. Therefore we can offer a wide range of games, far more than most other sites. Our scratch card games are divided into fantasy scratch, sports scratch, casino scratch and slots – so there really is something for everyone.

Can you tell us a little about your players club?

Our VIP players club is called Club Pearl, and the more people play the quicker they’ll be able to become a member of it, and then progress through the levels. It offers its members perks such as extra generous bonuses, faster withdrawals and their own Account Manager. They get to try out all the new games first – which is very popular with our VIP players. They also have access to exclusive promotions, contests and raffles, and have a special offer every Wednesday.

What type of promotions do you have?

Every week we have new promotions, as we like to thank our players for their loyalty and offer them new bonuses and promotions. Most weeks we’ll have a couple of days where we give bonus on the first, sometimes 2nd and 3rd deposits made. Every time we launch a new game we’ll do a promotion where people can try it out, usually for a couple of days, and if they don’t win then we’ll give them a percentage of their losses back. Each month there’s a different challenge; in October for example players could win money simply by letting us know their happiest moments on the site. We do our best to cater to everyone, and we listen to all feedback we receive in order to offer the promotions that best suit our players.

Are there any new games launching soon?

We’ve got games launching all the time – at the moment we’re introducing an average of 2 games a month. The latest was Disco Keno – where players have to match up 2 or more numbers to win. In recent months we’ve also added Dancing Domino, Jungle Joy and Mister Joker amongst others. Keep your eyes open, as there will be a new game very soon!

Have you had any big winners lately at Prime Scratch Cards?

In the last couple of months we’ve had a couple of winners who have each won €50,000 (just over £45,000). We also have had many of smaller winners though. When people log on to the site they can see the list of latest winners, and on which game they won.

How important are your player’s opinions to you?

Extremely important – they’re the reason we’re here, and we want to repay that by making the site the best it can be. We’re constantly looking for feedback, both in the live chat facility and by emails. We listen to their ideas and try to implement these wherever possible. We can be contacted 24/7, and we love to find out what our players think, about any aspect of the site.

We hear you can become a millionaire on your site – is this true?

Yes, one of our very popular new games is 3 WOW, where the maximum prize that can be won is £1,000,000. Players just select a card, scratch off 9 squares and if they get 3 matching £1,000,000 symbols they win – and this can be won with a stake of just £2. All of our games have different prize amounts depending on how much is wagered, with the minimum bet being a very affordable 50p.

How do you see new technology changing the way you operate?

Thanks to the latest technology we can offer our players games with first class graphics and sound effects. Players get the feel of a Las Vegas casino in the comfort of their own homes. There is no need to download the games and so they can be played anywhere.

Has the site changed since it was launched?

The site was re-launched in August and its been an outstanding success. It now looks more modern and fresh, and is even easier to use, yet still offers £5 FREE to all new players as well as a 100% first deposit bonus. Basically we’ve kept the elements that has made it such a success, such as the great promotions and games, and made it into a more simplified package. For example, players can now click onto the calendar at the top right of the page and see all the promotions available that week which is a very popular feature. Keep on watching though as there are only good changes ahead!

Click here to play at Prime Scratch Cards
Click here to play at Prime Scratch Cards

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