Tombola Bingo – August 2010

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Tombola Bingo is one of our favourite bingo sites offering a great range of fun packed games combined with impressive jackpots. This month we have interviewed Sean Hanna from Tombola Bingo to find out more about this great man friendly site to discover how they keep their number one spot in the world of online bingo.

Click here to play at Tombola Bingo
Click here to play at Tombola Bingo

What is the history of Tombola Bingo?

Tombola Bingo and its associated companies have been involved in bingo for 50 years so we’re probably older than a lot of our bingo players! We started off printing bingo tickets, and then moved into free bingo tickets for national newspapers. Tombola was launched ten years ago providing free games for sites such as Lycos and, we then launched Sun Bingo in partnership with the Sun Newspaper before going our own ways to focus on Tombola Bingo which has now become Britain’s biggest bingo site!

What games are on offer at Tombola Bingo?

We offer all the usual bingo games such as bingo 90, 80, 75 and bingo lite where tickets cost 2p. But where we really excel ourselves are the exclusive games we’ve launched over the last few years. Cinco the no skill card based game is our biggest game where you can win £20,000 jackpots, we’ve also got Bingo Roulette which as the title suggests combines bingo with roulette and this game has a £10,000 jackpot. We’ve got bingo 50 which is really innovative as it gives everyone an equal chance of winning no matter how much you stake, the difference is more you stake the bigger the prize. We’ve also just launched a new game called Tombola Bingo roulette which has proved to be very popular.

Can you tell us about your new Tombola Bingo roulette game?

Tombola Bingo roulette has got off to a great start and the game is Tombola Bingo’s take on the classic game of roulette. One of the big differences we’ve made is that we’ve made the game a lot more sociable by adding a chat room and also allowing players to see what everyone is betting in, players can also see profile pics of the other players by hovering over their chips. We’ve also simplified the betting options so rather than betting on red, black, odd, even, etc you just bet on one number. You can stake between 5p and £4 per game and you can win is £72.

What do you offer new players?

We currently offer all new players up to £25 free, so if they deposit £10 – £25 we’ll match it, plus when players make a second deposit they’ll get £5 free. We also have a free game we offer to all players who have staked £2 (not bonus money) the previous week where players can win up to £500, not bad for a freebie!

From the 12th August:

We are launching a brand new offer for new players who can get up to £50 free with our 200% welcome bonus! So deposit £10 and get an extra £20 free, deposit £25 and get an extra £50 free, it’s that simple. Plus when players make a second deposit they’ll get £5 free. We also have a free game we offer to all players who have staked £2 (not bonus money) the previous week where players can win up to £500, not bad for a freebie!

Why should male bingo players choose Tombola Bingo?

With so many bingo sites focusing on the female market we pride ourselves on being gender neutral. 30% of all players at Tombola Bingo are male and we encourage this so you won’t find any promotions on our site to win pink hair strengtheners, beauty products or spa days! We also have a wide range of games which although are also popular with females have a more masculine feel including Cinco, Bingo Roulette and Tombola Bingo roulette. We develop all our games in-house and they are all exclusive to Tombola Bingo so we can really tailor our games to our player’s tastes. Plus for any Sunderland AFC fans Tombola Bingo is now the official club sponsor!

Can you tell me a bit more about your sponsorship of Sunderland AFC?

Tombola Bingo is based in Sunderland and we have a strong heritage with the city through our associated businesses so when the opportunity came up to sponsor Premier League team Sunderland AFC we jumped at the chance to back our local team. We also sponsor Emmerdale on ITV which is more female focused so by backing Sunderland AFC it gives us a more gender neutral image which is very important to us.

What is the biggest jackpot ever won at Tombola Bingo?

Our biggest jackpot was £39,341 which was won by sarahjcox. Our bingo jackpot regularly climbs to high heights with joanxx winning £25,049 in June this year. Other big jackpot games include Cinco and Bandit which have £20,000 jackpots and Bingo Roulette which has a £10,000 jackpot. With such big jackpots it’s no wonder we pay out £3 million every week!

How important is your bingo community to the success of Tombola Bingo?

Our bingo community is very important to us, we have over 40 chat rooms and 100 Chat Room Moderators so we work hard to enhance the chat experience. Our players have also starred in our Emmerdale sponsorship bumpers as the ‘faces’ of Tombola Bingo and they’ve done a great job of showing Tombola Bingo as a fun and friendly place to play and make friends( and of course there are lots of men as well as women in the bumpers!)

What does Tombola Bingo bingo have planned for August?

We’ve got lots planned for August including a Friday 13th promo where £13,000 is guaranteed to be won with Full House link games in Bingo 90. We’re also celebrating bingo 50’s 1st anniversary with guaranteed prizes of £50-£200 per game. On the 21st we’re holding Tombola Bingo’s Summer Fete at Emmerdale Village and towards the end of the month we’ll be giving all our players a free £5. Plus with Sunderland AFC’s first game on Saturday 14th August you’ll probably see the Tombola Bingo logo on Match of the Day!

Click here to play at Tombola Bingo
Click here to play at Tombola Bingo

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