Wink Bingo Fathers Day

Posted by BingoBulldog | The Bulldog Blog | Saturday 19 June 2010 10:23 am

You may remember that back in March Wink Bingo ran a Mothers Day promotion that totally excluded their male bingo players. At the time we contacted Wink Bingo on behalf of male player’s everywhere and were told that Mothers Day was nothing to do with men and was only a time for mothers and daughters. We were told by the support staff that we were over reacting and that when Fathers Day came around they would be running a similar promotion exclusively for Fathers and Sons. We took them on their word and held off to see what happened but now Fathers Day is here and yes you guessed it, the Wink Bingo Fathers Day promos are available to all players both male and female.

At the time of the Mothers Day promotion we contacted the Equality and Human Rights Commission and they agreed with us that Wink Bingo’s promotion was in fact in breach of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975. They advised us that we had six months in which to contact Wink Bingo asking them to clarify why they were running a sexist promotion and informed us we could actually take the bingo site to court. We wrote to Wink Bingo and gave them fourteen days in which to reply but they could not even be bothered to contact us.

The new Fathers Day promotions are good in that they are no longer sexist or in breach of any regulations but they do go to show just how sexist the majority of the online bingo industry really is. If Wink Bingo had run Fathers Day special stating no women allowed there would have being absolute uproar and we would have seen a lot more negative publicity. This just goes to show what we have known for a long time and that is that male bingo players are still considered to be second class by some of the biggest names in the industry.

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